2024 Porsche Panamera.

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The 2024 model year will celebrate the second “mid-cycle” facelift for the current generation of the Porsche Panamera.

The current model came out in 2016 (bottom) and was a vast visual improvement over its odd-looking predecessor. It just looked like what a 4 door Porsche should have from the beginning. The second generation received a “facelift” in 2021, with a new front end and lights, among other changes. (Middle)

The 2024 model will be unveiled in just a few days and will again get a redesigned front end. It seems Porsche is keeping their current ICE models as long as it can until their EV replacements are ready.

With each redesign, the headlights seem to lose their classic Porsche oval shape and become increasingly angular, which I think is weird. And wrong! They also do this with the Cayenne and Macan.

I am not sure what version the top photo is showing, but that front end looks pretty aggressive, and almost a bit messy. The whole front end is now very blunt and not as smooth.

Maybe cheaper versions look better?

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  1. Their race cars the last few years have the headlights that way. Maybe it’s to tell the consumer “See? Same as the race cars!!!” Racing is usually function over form, which would mean the race cars “Win” and the street cars follow the look.

  2. I’ve always felt like the Panamera was the successor of the original 928, which I lusted after as a teen. What I always wanted was a 911, but the Panamera seems like something I could justify as an adult.

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