Tesla Model 2 Compact.

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These new illustrations show what the upcoming smaller compact Tesla model could look like. As we know, there is no official name yet. “Model 2” is what most people call it. Although its internal code word is reported as “Mario”. Which is kind of funny. whatever it is called, it’s not a 3 and it’s not a Y.

The revised Model 3 was called “Highland” during its development, and the updated Model Y is currently referred to as “Project Juniper”.

The Mario project will be a small Tesla that will start at around $ 25,000. It will be much cheaper to produce and simpler than the Model 3. Elon Musk mentioned its production cost would be “roughly half of the Model 3”. It was also mentioned the new model would start production at the Texas factory before the new Mexican factory. Which means we could maybe see something in less than a year.

2024 could be a very busy year for Tesla, with a revised Model 3 and Model Y coming to the US within a few months, ramping up the Cybertruck production and maybe even showing an early version of the small compact model.

These are a few of the many illustrations we’ve seen of the future smaller Tesla model. While a $ 25,000 Tesla will no doubt be popular in the US, it could be a huge hit in Europe. And basically take over the whole cheaper hatchback EV market. VW just announced their new ID.2 has been pushed back to 2026. This means they will lose precious time against Tesla, and the many Chinese competitors they will have by then in the European market. Something that could cost them a huge amount in the long run.

Somehow, again, VW finds a way to be late at something…

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  1. Except for the front end, several of the renderings look like an updated Mazda 2!

    Especially the illustration showing the car in white.

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