2025 BMW i5 Touring/5series Touring.

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I do love wagons and the idea of an electric one seems fantastic. And yet, all I can think of when looking at these new photos of the 2025 5 series wagon (and its i5 EV twin) is: what a mess…

Just like the sedan it is based on, this new BMW wagon is overdone. it is a festival of black plastic crap, especially on the i5, which you would think, would be cleaner than the ICE version. The BMW designers just cannot leave the bumpers alone. It seems they keep thinking of some line, trim, piece of chrome, or shiny black plastic to add. Up front, the huge cartoonish grilles don’t help either.

These are expensive cars. The 5 series sedan starts at $ 58,000 in the US. And the i5 at $67 000. It seems BMW has been having a hard time designing a modern car that doesn’t look too vulgar. A goal many other brands have been able to achieve, somehow.

BMW seems to be stuck in a design pile of mud for some reason…

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