2024 BMW 5 series.

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Nothing official yet, but this is the next generation BMW 5 series sedan.

Just like the 7 series, the regular ICE models will be joined by a new EV version called the i5. We saw a spy shot of the rear end just a few days ago, so the May 24th unveiling will not be a surprise fest. The new profile looks really clean, which is surprising. But things get much worse up front, with the usual overly aggressive scoops and black plastic trim. And the obnoxious super large BMW grille. Although it seems not as bad as the 4 or 7 series, which is not a compliment.

This will as usual compete with the recently released new Mercedes E-Class. As for Audi, the A6 will basically become the Audi 7 when it’s redesigned since the next A6 will be an EV.

It’s quite amazing to see that BW just can’t design a classy-looking front end on any of their cars these days.

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  1. Is that top pic official or just a render? The background looks very much like my home town of Melbourne (Australia, not Florida).

  2. The Chinese market is driving BMW design these days. The more garish the better.

  3. Hey Gromit – I had the exact same reaction! The street scene is based on the intersection of Queen Street and La Trobe Street in Melbourne. The image is some sort of composite, the streetscape seems to be mirror-imaged and I’d be fairly sure that no BMW i5 has yet been in that vicinity.

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