2025 Kia Tasman.

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These illustrations show what the new Kia Tasman pickup truck could look like. They look very realistic and do match the spy shots we’ve recently seen of the new truck.

The new truck will go on sale in South Korea and Australia. But probably not in the US unless Kia finds a way to build it over here (because of that stupid ancient “Chicken tax”). Apparently, the Tasman is also engineered to be an EV or at least a PHEV, which is quite interesting. Since Kia has recently mentioned that among all their upcoming EVs, 2 of them will be pickups.

A new electric pickup the size of a Ford Ranger could work well in the US since we currently have zero affordable EV pickup here. A couple of years ago, Toyota did show an electric version of the new Tacoma, but we’ve heard nothing since. Although it could still mean one is coming soon.

I think Ki should find a way to build this new truck in North America. Ev or not. What do you think?

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  1. Very stupid to make this only as an EV. The manufacturers of EVs are on the verge of learning a hard and expensive lesson. The EV market is collapsing under the weight of its own lack of appeal. These vehicles are simply too-expensive, unreliable, unproven, lack range, and are highly inconvenient. This is a forced concept that will hugely fail as there other than a few pockets of shallow interest, there is no broad, deep demand in the marketplace.

  2. Jim,

    This “collapsing” segment grew by 50% in the US last year, so maybe you got your info from a BS source? There are a lot of people who’ll say anything to get clicks, as you probably know.
    EV pickups are a great idea. I know a contractor who is saving hundreds each month, compared to his old gas F150. Tons of torque too, and power for his tools.

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