2025 Buick Envision S.

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Buick just released a sportier “S” version of the revised Buick Envision, in China.

Buick released a couple of photos of the updated 2024 Envision last year. Which of course looked exactly the same as the Chinese version since the Envision sold in the US is imported from China, but nothing since. The revised Envision, with its new face and interior, is still not here and is now expected late this year. Which probably means a 2025 model. It has been on sale in China for a while now. There is even a new “S” model being introduced.

The S version seems to be a sportier cosmetic package with zero modification to the powertrain or anything else. But in general, the revised version seems to be a very nice upgrade from the recurrent model. The new face works very well with the rest of the design, and the new dashboard and steering wheel look great.

What Buick would really need to stand out is a PHEV version of the Envision.

Maybe that’s why it’s so late.

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  1. I like the Avenir trim better. I think it aligns better with Buick’s faux premium brand positioning.

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