2025 Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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I have been a big fan of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 since it came out. The Hyundai EV reminds me a lot of these wonderful Giugiaro designs from the 1980s and 1990s. And even, to me, looks like what his original 1974 VW Golf design could look like in the 21st Century.

For the 2025 model year, Hyundai has decided it was time for some changes and various improvements to the Ioniq 5. The revised front end is fine, although not really a visual improvement. The new rear number looks a bit more angular and almost weird. And also a bit cheaper. Inside, there is a new steering wheel and console, which are OK. The white screens have been replaced by black units like any other cars. And the dashboard now seems to be all black even with the light-colored interior.

They also listened to many owners’ complaints and added a rear wiper.

As far as specs, things have improved a bit as well. The larger battery available is now an 84.0 kWh unit instead of 77.4 kWh. Which should translate into a longer range. The Ioniq 5 is now able to get over-the-air updates. A new N-Line is also available. Which includes new 20-inch wheels, and a different front end. And a bunch of “N-line” logos everywhere…

The revised Ioniq 5 has also been improved to be quieter and provide an even smoother ride. So far, Korean prices for the 2025 model are the same as before. In the US, the Ioniq 5 currently starts at around $ 42,000.

I am glad they didn’t ruin the Ioniq 5. They also kept the cool dashboard design and didn’t replace it with something more generic like in the new revised 2025 Hyundai Tucson. We’ll have to see if the larger battery makes a big difference in range. And if they improved the sound system which I’ve heard wasn’t that great…

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  1. Great looking car, reminds me so much of my 1980 VW Rabbit, another Giugiaro design. I have not had the chance to drive the Hyundai but I did drive several KIA EV6 which shares a lot of its underpinnings.. the KIA was A LOT of fun to drive, a pleasant surprise. I think the Hyundai has a more upright design, with more headroom.

  2. Always liked the light instrument panel but generally prefer dark themes on my computer and phone so maybe this is easier to live with. If I can change my phone theme from light to dark why can’t I do the same thing with the instrument panel of a modern car? Choice is good!

  3. I can see it now: it raining and the driver is looking for a rear wiper button that doesn’t exist. I would have been just as shocked! Looks like they didn’t mess too much with a good thing. Since Teslas don’t change as often, this seems so early, even just for little changes, but it’s actually been an appropriate number of years.

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