2025 Infiniti QX80.

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There will be another new car unveiling this month, with the new Infiniti QX80. As you can see, the design will not be such a surprise since we’ve seen it already last year with the QX Monograph Concept.

We also know the good old V8 will be replaced by a more modern V6 Turbo, like almost all V8s these days. What we haven’t seen yet is the interior. Which I can guarantee you will be nicer than the current prehistoric-looking one. Which is not hard to do.

Another thing not hard to do will be to improve the exterior design from the current model. The current generation came out back in 2010 and has been one of the ugliest vehicles anyone can buy ever since. And still, almost 13,000 Americans with horrible taste bought one last year.

There is no doubt about the new model looking better. But it will also be more expensive. I am also not sure it will be that much more popular anyway. Lincoln only sold about 17,000 Navigators last year. I guess Infiniti figured they had to have this…

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  1. Look nice, I drive a 2021 qx that rides like a tank. Sure hope they made changes to the suspension too

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