2025 Mini Aceman.

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The Mini Aceman was introduced in July 2022 as a concept for an all-new 4-door Crossover Mini model smaller than the Countryman.

Today we are finally seeing the production model of this “Aceman”. And it looks almost exactly like the concept, which was very nice. As expected, the new Acemann looks like a smaller version of the Countryman.

As far as we know, the new Aceman will be built in China. At least at first. Since, starting in 2026, the new Mini Aceman will be built in England as well.

No official specs yet of course, but they should be close to the new Mini EV. Prices will be slightly above the Mini EV. As far as we know, the new Aceman will be an EV-only model.

There is no word yet on US sales yet, but I would guess it will happen. Since it is a bit larger than the current Mini Cooper coupe, they can’t really say it’s too small for the US. My guess is they will wait until production starts in Oxford to send these over here. As a 27% tariff would be too much to take. But no matter, what, the new Aceman will not qualify for federal incentives…

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