2025 Nissan Patrol.

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New illustrations try to let us know what the next-generation Nissan Armada will look like. The Armada is to the 2025 Infiniti QX80 what the Chevrolet Tahoe is to the Cadilac Escalade. Basically a cheaper version of the same truck…

What we have so far are spy photos of camouflaged prototypes and the actual 2025 Infiniti QX80. From there, it’s not that hard to guess what the new Armada will look like. Although I do think the C-pillar will end up being much thicker on the Nissan than the one on the Infiniti. Something the illustrations above do not show.

While the Infiniti QX80 is not a popular luxury truck with just over 12000 of them sold last year, the cheaper Nissan Armada did a bit better in 2023 with over 21000 of them sold in the US. Not great but not that bad for something that came out in 2016.

Just like its Infiniti Twin, it will be powered by a V6 Turbo instead of the good old V8. Which could improve gas mileage a bit. Officially, Infiniti claims the 2025 V6 QX80 should improve gas mileage by about 20% over the old V8. Which was rated at 16MPG for the AWD version and 15MPG for the 2WD model.

I guess anything better than 15MPG is an improvement. Kind of…

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