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Infiniti just released teasers for their all-new QX80 giant SUV. There will be no surprises since we’ve seen “Mister Obvious” before as the QX Monograph Concept we saw last year (bottom pic). The only thing we haven’t seen is its interior, which could, or not, be interesting.

Even though it will look exactly like we expect, that doesn’t stop Infiniti senior vice president of design, Alfonso Alnaisa, from describing it as the second coming: “Before new models are revealed, they are typically hidden behind camouflage that aims to obscure But, we feel the all-new QX80 is too extraordinary to keep completely hidden”.

All this while releasing teasers showing the truck in the dark or camouflaged.

I noticed the second photo shows “E-” among all the graphic camouflage. I wonder if this means “e-Power”. Which is a rather unique Hybrid powertrain Nissan has been offering for years in some of their models overseas, but never in the US. Bringing the e-Power system to the big and heavy QX80 could generate drastic MPG improvements.

What Infiniti needs is really not a new super expensive QX80. With sales at under 13,000 in 2023, this is far from a best seller. ( Although that’s not that far from the Lincoln Navigator.)

I guess the really new stuff will be their new EVs starting next year. Meanwhile, the new QX80 will be unveiled in Dubai next month.

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  1. I wouldn’t get hope up for this being e-Power. I think the “E” is just a happenstance of the camo pattern. But who knows? Also, while it only sold ~13000 last year, it is Infiniti’s 2nd best-seller. So while that may not be much to another brand, it is a pretty important model for Infiniti and I think it is necessary to relaunch the brand. It has the unique position of being the flagship and a substantial seller for the brand with a lot of owners of the current one (that’s been on sale for 13 years) waiting for a new one. Also, earlier in its run it did outsell the standard wheelbase Escalade, so there’s good sales potential.

  2. Wow! Where did Nissan dig up Sr Vice Pres, Capt Alfonso Obvious, at with that ‘camouflage is used to obscure what they want hidden’ dribble? LOL Maybe next he’ll tell us everything will be simply named ‘Q’ to keep it all differences in models also hidden. Nissan could easily dissolve the Infiniti brand and no one would notice.

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