2026 Acura TLX.

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These are supposedly patent images showing the next-generation Acura TLX sedan for the 2026 model year. This could make sense since the TLX got a few revisions for the 2024 model year. A new one for 2026 is pretty logical.

The design does follow Honda’s current trend of much simpler and cleaner designs. And the front ends do look a lot like the new Acura ZDX EV. As you can see, the profile view is the weirdest of them all, as it looks completely unrealistic, and just plain weird. Otherwise, the other illustrations show a much nicer-looking sedan than the current one. And finally a much more modern look for Acura.

The 4 exhaust pipes eliminate the possibility of an EV. But who knows this time around Acura could be ready to offer a hybrid or even a PHEV version. I mean, it will be a 2026 model… By then, even Toyota will be getting ready to launch many new EVs.

The rear window also seems to be much longer, which means the new sedan could finally have a proper hatchback. Who knows, there’s always hope.

I am really glad to finally see Acura getting rid of the huge grilles they’ve had for so many years. that alone will be a huge improvement.

Not, how about a new RDX

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  1. “I am really glad to finally see Acura getting rid of the huge grilles they’ve had for so many years. that alone will be a huge improvement.”

    Huh? The grille on this rendering is even bigger than the current gen. What are you talking about?

  2. So Acura’s going to steal the Lexus grill idea and the BMW tail design? How original

  3. Buckle up, sweeties. I have A LOT to say on this.

    I like Acura. I own an Acura. There isn’t a single one I would purchase right now though, and we own three other Hondas. Acura should be very careful in their modernization of the TLX via reskinning the current version. I completely understand why it would get a reskin. The current version is visually getting old, and the industry is flooding with very modern EV-inspired ICE cars. Minimalism is IN. But, the proportions given to the TLX (and the entire lineup) to make them look like RWD powerhouses works against the minimalism approach – and you can see the awkwardness in the overhangs and the Dash-to-Axel Ratio that Acura Project Mgr keeps harping about in EVERY press sitting. [BTW – we’re going to start a drinking game every time Jonathan Rivers says the word ‘chicane’.] The design largely works in the Integra because the smaller bones of the Civic didn’t allow for a terribly large extension of the Civic hood or the sheer visual mass of the TLX. And the Civic was designed by Honda Japan, who finds the Acura’s designs (ie. Dave Marek’s influence) to be gimmicky and vulgar. That’s why ALL designs have to go through the 3 Samurai’s in the Japanese design studio for editing and approval. The TLX, however, got an extra helping and, with it, made a Japanese Pontiac out of the TLX.

    I applaud the reduction of the visual noise. All the cut-lines of the current gen were meant to reduce the apparent mass. The question is whether they make it still have a unique character and can they keep it from having obvious, distorted proportions like the new Accord. Or will it be a modern day Accord Crosstour, with ghastly proportions that draws gasps of horror. The new Accord will be ‘the tell’ for Acura. There’s so much demand right now that any new Honda (hybrid) model is blistering the pavement with its sales rate. Will it still be a hot vehicle in 12-18 months is a different question. That happened to the gen8 Accord that also spawned the Crosstour, and Acura should pay attention that they dont repeat history. The new Accord’s schnoz might be a longer term problem, particularly as the new Camry hits along with revision and re-entry of the sedan segment by GM, Nissan, Chrysler/Dodge etc… Remember, some of us still need to be able to park these in normal length slots, and drive up over curb guttering without losing the front end. Its not a Ferrari, FFS. Where’s the Man/Maximum, Machine/Minimum ethos of the 20-teens that was recently referenced by CEO Toshihiro Mibe during the debut of the Saloon and Space-hub EV concepts within the Accord redesign? For the TLX… that exterior didnt age well! That backseat with no head or leg room! That center console! that trackpad! Acura should be very careful not to be caught in these traps.

    Lastly, if Acura doesn’t revive the Sport Hybrid system as an option for SH-AWD, I’m afraid this will be their swan song. They’re waaaaay behind BMW in this respect, and even geriatric Lexus is catching on.

  4. oh! one more thing. Marek has a thing about cat-face designs, if you look back at past Acura models. This could very much end up looking like a cat-faced Toyota Avalon… which is a huge NO. Notice the painted/integrated mesh of the grill? Hello, Toyota!

  5. Honda deserves a special award if they actually make this product look more boring than the Accord. People used to say cars looked like bars of soap, but this is literally an actual a piece of soap without any proportion or design cohesion. There are very nice looking renderings being made entirely by AI routines in a matter of seconds that are a thousand times better than the garbage that the actual “stylists” get paid to produce today.

  6. I think the current TLX is quite a good looking premium sedan, but I am interested to see how this new gen version will look when the actual production version is released.

  7. It’s confirmed by Carscoops that this is a several-years-old patent and will not be made into any production cars.

  8. I don’t believe that Carscoops comment for one second. The painted integrated grill treatment is a very new trend, not several years old. Acura’s reply is real, but its misinformation to redirect and discredit bad reviews. At least they didn’t try to blame it on ChatGTP.

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