BMW Neue Klasse X Concept.

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Just another photo leak of the upcoming BMW Neue Klasse X Concept coming out in just a couple of days.

The production version of the concept will replace the iX3 EV SUV next year. his will be a much more modern design than the current X3 and iX3, with a nice retro-futuristic BMW front end. It seems the BMW grille has finally stopped growing in size, which is great news for the whole planet.

however, it looks like, besides the totally new front end, the profile of the new SUV could end up quite similar to BMW’s current models. Still, the whole thing looks much, much cleaner. Let’s just hope most of the concept ends up in the production design…

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  1. Why not make the kidney grilles height equal to headlight height ?

    Nice job by the way, love your website news! For any car fans it is a must have in your bookmarks !

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