BMW Neue Klasse X Concept.

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This is as close to seeing the real official photos as we can get.

The BMW Neue Klasse X Concept is coming out in 3 days and we will have a good idea of what the upcoming production model will look like. And let’s hope that these new models based on the “Neue Klasse” concepts will stay close to original designs.

So far the sedan looks really nice and modern, with a much simpler design than any of BMW’s current tormented-looking offerings.

There is hope at the end of the ghastly design tunnel…

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  1. So ugly. I hate the sedan. It’s like a 1980s reject that pulled from the archives.

  2. The exaggerated nostrils look like the predator creature, with no taste at all. Fire the CEO and design team.

  3. The front end design looks like it was inspired by the ending of the “The Twilight Zone” episode, “Eye Of The Beholder”. Not much of an improvement in my opinion.

  4. Old Mc Donald had a Pig eieioooooo with an oink oink here and an oink oink there here an oink there an oink everywhere an oink oink.

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