BMW Neue Klasse X.

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BMW showed us the Neue Klasse sedan concept. A new EV based on their new platform, which would be about the size of a 3 series. And of course, you know an SUV version is coming sooner than later, and it seems, it could appear before the sedan.

I haven’t seen any prototypes of the sedan testing around in public, while we have already seen the SUV (bottom).

It seems the SUV concept will be shown very very soon. And will incorporate the old-fashioned BMW kidney grille that the sedan concept didn’t have. This is a really nice throwback to the days when BMWs didn’t look like monsters. A great idea…

The production version of the new SUV is likely a 2026 model. It seems BW would actually use the name i3 for the new sedan, and iX3 for the SUV. This means the production versions of the Neue Klasse models will become a parallel lineup alongside the regular 3 series sedan and X3 SUV. At least for a while. BMW has been selling an iX3 model for a while in other markets, but not the US.

The 3rd image is an illustration of what the next iX3 could look like, but I think the real thing will look much better. BMW is doing a great job at hiding the shape of the C-pilli in the prototypes, and we had no idea the small kidney grille was actually there.

I think these neue klasse vehicles could be quite interesting…

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  1. Another SUV? Meh. But I get damp in the drawers every time I see a new pic of the Neue Klasse sedan.

  2. Remember the split grill Lincolns from not long ago? BMW copied it for this. That second pic especially. What did they call that sedan, MKZ or Zephyr or something?

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