BMW Neue Klasse SUV.

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We already know a production version of the BMW Neue Klasse sedan is coming. BMW mentioned 2025 at the 2023 Concept presentation.

The concept design is a very nice blend of futuristic and past BMW styling cues. Something refreshing and far better than their current horribly obnoxious designs. And of course, an SUV version is coming first. The concept’s name will of course be changed to more normal BMW monikers like iX3 for the SUV. Apparently, all new BMW EVs after 2025 will be based on that new platform previewed by the concept. That new platform includes new times of batteries with about 30% more range, according to BMW.

At least 6 new models will be based on the upcoming platform. This means their current Evs, like the new i5 or i4 will very soon be obsolete.

So far, the “official” spy shot from BMW (top photo) looks a lot like all their other SUVs. All the illustrations above also look very familiar. Basically crafting the Neue Klasse concept face onto a boring BMW SUV design. Let’s just hope the real thing will look a bit more interesting. At least, it could be a tiny bit less offensive than their current designs.

Which one is your favorite?

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