Rivian R3.

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The total surprise at today’s Rivian event was, of course, the totally unexpected new Rivian R3 compact model.

Unlike the Rivian R2, the R3 is making more of an effort not to look like a small R1S Of course, Rivian has decided to give the same face to all their models, otherwise, this looks quite different. One that reminds me of something but I’m not sure what.

It does have a strong feel of past AMC cars for some reason. But also some 1970s or 1980s European designs or concepts. It is a very simple and clean design and I think it just looks great.

While the new R2 seems to compete with the Subaru Forester, this one could be seen as a Crosstrek challenger.

The interior has a strong Rivian vibe as well, but even more modern and futuristic. Just like the R2, the smaller screen is integrated into the dashboard, which is good to see. And the larger center screen doesn’t stick up too high like in most cars and SUVs these days.

Just like in the larger R2, you can fold the front seats flat. It has a front trunk and 2 gloveboxes. It will also come with 1, 2, or 3 motors. All versions will have a range of over 300 miles. As you can see in the 3rd photo, the R3 will come standard with a NACS plug built in. No adapter is needed to enjoy the Tesla charging network. The R2 and R3 use the same platform, although the R3’s wheelbase is about 5 inches shorter.

There is no info available about production or predicted pricing. The R2 will not start production before 2026, which is very unfortunate, at a $ 45,000 base price. This means we won’t be seeing the cute R3 for at least 2 years or more. Prices should be at least $ 5,000 or more below the R2 to be successful. As by 2026, the R3 won’t be the only “cute, smaller, and more affordable” EV around…

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  1. It has a very Guigiaro look. Except for the vertical headlights, it could be a modern Golf that was originally one of that master’s designs. It also reminds me of the Hyundai Ionic 5, another car with Guigiaro vibes.

  2. Love it. Does give 70s and 80s vibes, in a great way. If it drives as well and proves to be reliable this would be something Rivian can make a great impact in Europe too. If they don’t go bankrupt by then.

  3. Honestly at first, I couldn’t stop laughing at this, but it grew on me quickly. My guess is that this will start $38,000-$40,000.

  4. Big mistake by Rivian. The R3 should come out first. I think it could be a big hit for them, if priced right.

  5. Doug nailed exactly what the R3 looks like. I like the R2 way better. Tesla should have made the Model 3 and Y interior more like both of these Rivians. A driver’s side dash display is improvement enough over the large center screen of the Tesla’s.

  6. I don’t generally like EV designs, but there is something kind of cool about this one. It’s a simple design, but it somehow still has a lot of character.

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