Rivian R2.

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We are finally getting to see official photos of the all-new Rivian R2, and it just looks like a smaller R1S. Which, I guess, is OK…

As expected, it starts at $ 45,000 and will go on sale in 2026. It will be available with 1, 2, or 3 motors. With all versions getting an EV range of over 300 miles. And, as mentioned earlier, it is basically the same size as a Tesla Model Y.

No word yet on what is coming in the standard model, or how expensive it could get after options and packages. But so far it looks very attractive and the front seats folding flat area great idea, something others should have thought of. I have seen the front passenger seats folding but not the driver’s seat.

More on this very soon.

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  1. The original models are R1T and R1S, so I’m assuming by calling this just R2 that there won’t be a smaller pickup equivalent?

  2. Rivian absolutely nailed it with the design, proportions, and overall size. Not really anything I don’t like about the R2.

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