Rivian R2.

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Last day, least teasers of the new Rivian E2 SUV.

As we’ve already seen, the new R2 will look a lot like the R1S SUV. Which is a good thing. The smaller and cheaper Rivian SUV will also instantly become the brand’s best-seller.

There have been recent leaks about the new SUV’s specs. The starting price that was rumor to be “between $40 000 and $50 000” will be $47 000. The range will be up to 330 miles. It will seat 5 as expected. And the top version will accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. It is now expected to be available in 2026 instead of 2025. Which is a bummer…

The R2 is 185.6 inches long. Or about an inch shorter than a Tesla Model Y. The smaller Rivian is just half an inch narrower than the Tesla but 3 inches taller. Also expected since the Rivian will be marketed as a more off-road vehicle than the Tesla, probably with a higher ground clearance. These numbers are also close to the new Subaru Forester. At $ 47,000 to start, the actual price of the new Rivian after all incentives could end up being very close to the Subaru. Especially when leasing.

We will officially see the real thing tomorrow. Although I will try and do my best to get something earlier…

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