2025 Subaru Forester EV?

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The illustration on top is supposed to show a future electric version of the new 2025 Subaru Forester. It is wrong in so many ways.

First, it doesn’t look at all like the new 2025 Forester. If an EV version was coming Subaru wouldn’t redesign the whole thing. Speaking of the “design”, the illustration makes the real 2025 Forester look like Marilyn Monroe. While the new Forester is much better looking in person, it’s still not the most gorgeous thing.

What IS coming is a Hybrid version of the 2025 Forester for the 2026 model year, which has already been confirmed by Subaru.

“This will be the first-ever Subaru Forester Hybrid, it represents the next step in our new electrification plan, with more electrified models to follow quickly” is what Subaru’s CEO said at the 2025 Forester launch. “More electrified” models could certainly mean the Crosstrek. As well as the Outback, although the current generation came out almost exactly 4 years ago. I guess Subaru might wait for the next generation to introduce a Hybrid Outback. And by then it would make a lot of sense to offer a Hybrid powertrain as standard.

Who knows…

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  1. Subaru has plenty of time to get into electrics. According to the NY Times

    In a concession to automakers and labor unions, the Biden administration intends to relax elements of one of its most ambitious strategies to combat climate change, limits on tailpipe emissions that are designed to get Americans to switch from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles, according to three people familiar with the plan.

    Instead of essentially requiring automakers to rapidly ramp up sales of electric vehicles over the next few years, the administration would give car manufacturers more time, with a sharp increase in sales not required until after 2030, these people said. They asked to remain anonymous because the regulation has not been finalized. The administration plans to publish the final rule by early spring.

    Guess what will happen in 2030? Most likely a kick the can until 2040.

  2. @dejal – interesting. While I don’t doubt that some concession will be provided (bcuz of the endless squawking by the likes of Ford CEO and dumpster-fire Jim Farley) on BEVs specifically, the pressure will continue to mount on ICE vehicles from three sources: ROW legislation in Japan, Europe, etc.. will mean automakers will continue pursuing electric technology improvements both in hybrid, PHEV and BEV systems; the Chinese will drive down costs of electrified and BEV systems; and oil prices are expected to rise again significantly within 2 yrs. So the US manufacturers will do what they always do – sell big SUVs with little improvement, then have their lunches stolen by those who did their homework.

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