2025 Acura MDX.

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The Acura MDX is getting a few improvements for the 2025 model year.

the revised front end will be very hard to notice, except for current MDX owners. And it will be the same thing inside. But owners will really see the difference. The main event is the welcome slaughter of Acura’s horrible infotainment trackpad system. Which is finally replaced by a good old touch screen. Something everyone has been asking for years.

I just test-drove the Acura MDX Type-S just a few weeks ago, and all I can tell you is the touchscreens will be welcome. However, I di have to admit that you do get used to the trackpad after a while. But it does take a while to get through the menus.

What’s also new is a switch from a fantastic ALS stereo system to a new one from Bang & Olufsen. I actually cannot imagine the new system being much better than the amazing ALS system, but who knows? Depending on trim, the new system comes with 19 or even 31 speakers (The base model has an 11-speaker system). 31 speakers just sounds like a crazy overkill to me. Especially since the current 19-speaker version is so great.

Next is a revised Acura RDX. I hear it could be getting an all-new interior. We’ll see…

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  1. Let’s get real for a moment. Acura is going to be a little faster on their updates if they want to survive. I love Acura but what they have is already looking like yesterday’s laundry. First, the front bumper protruding scoop is a Honda design cue from the CRV and Pilot – and should never have been used on an Acura. It should have gone with a cleaner face with a more pronounced prow. Second, Acura should pivot immediately to hybrid-AWD/FWD systems for base trims, high output ICE for TypeS, and have their couple of BEVs. Recall, Acura had a large-platform SportHybrid (MDX, RLX) and Sportscar Hybrid (NSX) system, all with a 6cyl ICEs. So, they know how to do it. Lastly, expand the bodystyle options: currently there’s two sedans (fine), three SUVs + one more called the ADX coming (fine). Now do something else, based on a revised Integra or TLX platform. This post is about the MDX revisions, but they didn’t do that much. I would say, not enough.

  2. Interesting.. you’d think this should have been an all-new MDX since the Pilot it is based on was replaced almost 18 months ago. Perhaps they are waiting to replace the Passport first and then do the MDX? Sort of feels like how they let the ILX linger on the old Civic platform for two generations before bringing on the Integra.

  3. While subtle, I think the design changes are very good. Honda (subsidiary) has been releasing cleanly styled updates. This represents that design philosophy.

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