Acura MDX Type-S video.

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Here is a short video I shot while living with the Acura MDX Type-S for a week.

The Acura MDX is a very nice large 3-row SUV… However, I really think the Type-S model isn’t worth the extra $ 10,000 over the other MDX versions. As none of the extras will bring real improvements in your daily driving.

A better choice in my non-professional yet highly sought-after opinion would be the the AWD Advance model at $64 000. And even the “Technology” version at $57 000 which already includes the fantastic ELS Studio sound system and panoramic sunroof. The best deal is probably the base AWD model at around $ 52,000, which already comes with plenty of stuff.

I hope you can muster the courage and patience to sit through the video and join me in discovering the Acura MDX Type-S in this cinematic masterpiece.

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