2025 Subaru Forester pricing.

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Subaru has released US pricing for their all-new 2025 Subaru Forester.

I know it was a disappointment to many from the early photos we had of the car. But, as I mentioned in my video of the car shot at the Los Angeles auto show, it looks much nicer in person. And, in my opinion, this is a vast improvement over the previous model. Sure, the grill could be smaller and the shape a bit less generic. But the overall feel is very pleasant.

The new interior, at least in the top-of-the-line Limited or Touring model they had on the show floor looked excellent. The previous generation started at $27,100. That’s a $2500 bump for the 2025 right there. While the Touring trim was $ 37,400. About another $2500 increase for the 2025 model. This seems to be the case for all versions of the 2025 model. (The Wilderness version has not been updated yet and the 2024 version will still be on sale)

Subaru says the new 2025 Forester is 39% quieter (not 40%!). And feels more solid than the previous generation. It also has a smoother ride. The new model also has many new safety items as standard equipment.

Is it all worth $2500? You tell me. Subarus are very comfortable and quite reliable cars, and they have tons of fans in the US. I am pretty sure they will all welcome the new 2025 Forester with open arms…

Next will be a Hybrid version, finally. However, it is only expected in about a year. It will use batteries and electric motors from Toyota. And I think it will probably be the best version of the 2025 Forester.

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  1. I’ve worked as a car dealer for almost 14 years now and can attest that Subarus are not reliable. They aren’t on the level of Honda or Toyota.

    People who work “in the biz” usually shy away from them. They make a smart new car to lease with attractive leases, but they don’t hold up like their reputation suggests.

    If you ask people how reliable their Subaru is, the kind of person who drives a Subaru will tell you how great it is and how it’s never had any problems, despite it having at least one $5000 event on the way to 80,000 miles. I’m not even talking about head gaskets, either!

  2. If Subaru is trying to get my $$$$$ it definitely isn’t happening with this, as usual way too generic and conservative effort, especially for even more money. In the year 2025, they have to at least try to evolve with the times, with the exception of the huge infotainment screen, front and center. Why no digital instrument panel though 🤷🏽

  3. My neighbor and friends that have had Subarus all loved them, until they didn’t. “Didn’t” happened when their cars all started having major mechanical problems around 50k miles. If they gain anything from their mash-up with Toyota, it should be using Toyotas expertise in 6Sigma and manufacturing methods to improving reliability and create service plans to mitigate these major events.

  4. If hybrid Forester will use planetary gear sets like hybrid RAV4 instead of Subaru belt driven CVT, then I will test drive and consider it for sure. Maybe even reliability will improve…

  5. Talk about gouging! Subaru is banking on the popularity of the Forester and sticking it to the customer. I have a relative who just bought her 3rd (and last, she says) Forester because the price is ridiculous PRIOR to this gen. Not to mention it’s getting less and less aesthetically appealing imo.

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