BYD Denza Z9 GT.

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The name is quite a mouthful, but this is basically BYD’s new top-of-the-line EV.

BYD has made headlines around the world for becoming the world’s largest EV manufacturer in 2023 ahead of Tesla. It is also selling its BYD Seal sedan in Europe as a competitor to the Tesla Model 3. And is again making headlines for selling the new BYD Seagull compact EV in China for around $ 11,000.

However current BYD headlines from Europe aren’t as good as a local trade commission investigation findings from the Kiel Institute in Germany. According to their research, BYD received over $3.7 billion in subsidies from the Chinese state in 2022. Something companies like Fisker can only dream of. Or any other western car company for that matter…

The Z9 GT pictured above is BYD’s 950HP supercar sold under their Denza sub-brand. BYD claims it will compete against the Porsche Panamera and Tesla Model S. The Z9 is also coming to Europe next year.

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  1. Chinese design teams have some beautiful designs compared to what is coming out in NA.

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