Mazda 6e.

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Mazda has released a second teaser for their all-new EV sedan, the Mazda 6e. It shows part of the front door.

As we’ve mentioned before, the new Mazda 6e will be based on a car from Mazda’s Chinese and state-owned partner in China, Changan. The sedan is the Changan SL03.

It’s hard to tell how different the Mazda will be from the Chinese sedan, however, the new teaser seems to show a curvier design. Something less angular than the SL03. With a little chrome doodad on the front door, you know, to make sure it looks different.

The rear lights will also be new. With the Mazda logo at the bottom.

Just like the new Honda Ye concepts posted yesterday, this new Mazda will probably not make it outside of China. Which could be too bad. No matter what, it will be very interesting to see what a new Mazda-designed sedan would look like. Although the Mazda design language hasn’t changed much since the last Mazda 6 or Mazda 3 came out. Let’s hope this ends up being more than a Changan SL03 with a Mazda front end and rear lights…

At least, it looks like it will be a proper hatchback.

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  1. This car’s future is basically this: armchair car enthusiasts clamor for a reasonably priced sport sedan, Mazda finally makes one, but the armchair enthusiasts don’t buy it and the North American public doesn’t either because they want cheap crossovers with cheap AWD systems, cheap suspensions, and cheap interiors, then Mazda discontinues it in western markets before 2030 and decides to only sell it in China because they actually (gasp) buy sedans there. Enjoy your crossovers North America, it’s all we’re gonna have to choose from soon. Good times!

  2. One one hand, its an EV. On the other, it appears better sized than the overly long and wide old Mazda6. Still, its an EV – which is a NO for us. But, hybrid….Hmmm?)

  3. I miss the times when Mazda was offering the Mazda2 a.k.a. Demio. I am sure there are a market for people like me, just wanting a small subcompact car that is easy to drive and so easy to drive in many situations. Long live to my 2022 Chevrolet Spark 1LT with only 26000 km. I’m happy that sedan owners still have options on the new car market. So tired of SUV! It seems these days that there is a new pandemic in the automotive industry.

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