Mazda 6 wagon.

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Today we have a new illustration of a possible future-generation Mazda 6 wagon. And it’s a pretty terrible one.

While the idea of a new Mazda 6 wagon is great, let’s pray to the Gods that it looks nothing like the blue one pictured above.

We’ve had some recent news about a new Mazda 6e coming out, with Mazda trademarking the “6e” name and even an official logo for the car. But I haven’t heard of a wagon version of the new electrified sedan. However, it does make a lot of sense. Most generations, of the Mazda 6 were also offered both as a sedan and wagon bodystyles.

The 3rd photo shows the previous generation Mazda 6 wagon, sold in Europe. The one that never made it to North America.

I think the 2nd picture looks much better and a wagon based on that design could be quite stunning, but what do I know…

So far, we know that a new Mazda 6 is coming with some level of electrification. It could be a PHEV sedan based on the RWD/AWD platform used by the Mazda CX-70 and CX-90. Or some all-new EV. So far, my bet goes to a new Mazda 6 PHEV. I don’t think they are ready for 2 new EVs yet. Since we already know a brand new EV SUV is coming to the US next year.

Oh, wait… They could also base a new 6 Sedan on that EV platform, couldn’t they…

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  1. The ads on your website are obscuring/ overlaying the text of the article you have written so it is impossible to read all of the words of wisdom you have written,

  2. If Mazda was to produce a wagon, it would be most unfortunate if it turned out looking like the one in the top illustration.

    The last gen Mazda6 wagon (third photo) was a very cool looking wagon. It’s a shame that it wasn’t available in the United States. If they would have offered AWD and avoided the urge to smack a bunch of cladding all over it to make it resemble a crossover, I would have seriously considered buying one.

  3. That’s a tough one for Mazda – how do you make a wagon to compete against sedans and SUVs, and that will actually be a Mazda, and will sell? Subaru has some secret sauce in the raised/rugged look, but even those are probably on borrowed time.

    I love wagons and would buy one. When we bought a new car in 2018, we looked at the Buick TourX but settled on a CRV (for the record, I dislike SUVs – its the spouse’s). The reason…it had worse mileage and an outdate interior – and its a GM. But like a lot of the wagons that have failed over the last 10-15 yrs, they’ve all been very compromised vehicles: Too short with no space behind the rear seats (Subie Crosstrek); too low and with severely outdated interior (Buick TourX); sloppy handling and terrible mileage (Subaru Outback); Too low, ugly, thirsty, disposable (Dodge Magnum); bad reliability (VW Golf Wagon). Its going to take one of the Japanese brands to bring it all together into something that will be a real option to SUVs, by offering reliable AWD, hybrid tech, with enough space, handling, and gas mileage to make it worth getting over a sedan, but the headspace, capability, and flexibility to make it worth getting over an SUV. That’s a tall order, and I’m not sure Mazda is the one to do it considering their interior packaging sucks and their cars always have low rooflines. Its a tough call for them to bring it here. But I’ll be eagerly awaiting whatever they do.

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