Mazda 6e.

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Mazda 6 e EV illustration.

Mazda has just trademarked the name “6e” for a new model in Europe. As well as a new logo for it.

This could mean a new Mazda 6 sedan as an EV is coming up. Mazda has already mentioned a new electric crossover is coming to the US next year. Although rumors are already indicated the new sedan would focus on the US market. An inexpensive way for Mazda to get an electrified sedan over here is to base a new model on the RWD-based platform used by the CX-70 and CX-90. Most people thought this would happen when they announced work on the new platform a few years ago.

Later, Mazda killed the idea of a new sedan based on the new platform. Now it could actually happen? If so, the “e” could also just mean a PHEV model, similar to what Mazda offers in the CX-70 and CX-90 in the US. Which wouldn’t be as forward-thinking as an EV, but would still have an advantage over any sedan offered in North America. Unless someone else decides to offer a PHEV sedan.

This could be sooner than later since a PHEV Accord is already on sale in China. And GM already announced they are coming up with a few new PHEV models for the US like the Chevrolet Equinox PHEV. We know a next-generation Chevrolet Malibu is coming as well and I can already imagine a PHEV Malibu coming soon.

By then, a new Mazda 6 might again be lost in the shuffle, again. Mazda needs to stand out to stay alive. I’m afraid the new CX-90 and CX-70 might not be enough. And a new PHEV sedan really needs to have a stunning design to be noticed. Something the new CX-70/90 has failed at.

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  1. If it turned out to be as head turning and sexy as the sedan in the illustration, then it would definitely be a design leader in the ever shrinking segment. Keeping my fingers crossed that we something this amazing in Mazda’s lineup soon!

  2. A RWD sedan loosely based on the design of their recent stunning Miata/RX7 concept would be a dream. Give it that inline 6 that they recently revealed. Maybe don’t even turbocharge it to save weight and cost – at 3.3L, it should be able to make close to 300 HP without turbocharging. At most, give it a hybrid powertrain, but we don’t need an EV at this point in time. Not every new car needs to have 400+ HP that we realistically will never be able to take full advantage of. Consumers are so just sick of these incredibly large, heavy vehicles that now cost too much.

  3. Pointing out that you can buy PHEV sedans in the US today from BMW and Volvo, albeit nothing at mainstream price points yet.

  4. Mazda PLEASE make your vehicles not so tight in the interiors. The exteriors are huge for the amount of interior space and headroom. That is all.

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