New Mazda CX-70 video.

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This is a very short video Mazda did to introduce the world to their new CX-70 SUV.

As we mentioned before, this is NOT a new model. This is just a CX-90 with a deleted 3rd row. The two models are actually exactly the same size. This seems like a costly way for Mazda, instead of offering the CX-90 with 2 rows of seats as an option. I guess they are desperate to make people believe they offer mode models than they are, for some reason.

This would also mean the upcoming CX-80 for Europe could just be a CX-60 with a 3rd row added to it.

Just imagine if the new 2025 Honda Passport was just the exact same SUV as the 2023 Pilot with just 2 rows instead of 3. I don’t think any other brand would even think of doing this. And yet… somehow…

Basically, Mazda took all these years to just introduce one new model.

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  1. To be fair to Mazda, they didn’t take years just to introduce one new model. They built a 6cylinder in the age when those are disappearing, and mounted it longitudinally to a new transmission that they also developed in-house. With that, they essentially launched two separate vehicles: the thinner, shorter CX-60/80 for Europe and Japan; then the CX-90/70 for North American. They also brought the CX-50 and opened a brand new factory in Alabama (with Toyota’s help). But I get what you’re saying. I agree that they should have called it the CX-90 if all they’re going to do is remove seats. And the model they should have brought us would be the European-sized vehicle for the CX-70. But each of those has two or three engine options. 6Cyl, PHEV, and a hybrid (I believe). So that’s a lot for a small company like Mazda. They’re not even Honda sized. I wonder if they did it to allow a level of ammenity and material decontenting to offer a lower price point. Mazda seems to be playing that game a bit with trims in order to keep from alienating their existing customer base while they push higher trims/feature levels into the higher premium price range. Thoughts?

  2. I for one was very much looking forward to the launch of the said “new model” CX-70, hoping it would be that sweet-spot size in between the CX-50 and the CX-90. IMHO, this is a huge miss for the brand to go toe-to-toe with the X5’s, Grand Cherokees of the world. I don’t need – nor have room for – a 200+in two-row SUV.

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