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A few years ago, when Mazda announced work on an all-new platform and an inline 6-cylinder engine, a next-generation sedan was mentioned as a future product as well as a few SUVs. Later, of course, the sedan was canceled and Mazda concentrated on their 4 new SUVs. The CX-60, CX-70, CX-80 and CX-90.

There are no current official plans for a new sedan based on that platform anymore, although I’m sure some early design work had been done.

And yet, we keep seeing illustrations of a possible future RWD/AWD Mazda 6 sedan, now and then. The rumor that will never die. The 2 illustrations above from Digimods Design look very realistic and extremely well made. So much so that they are also showing a pretty dull design, which is probably what Mazda would actually do. The worst part of their new SUVs is the horrible old-fashioned and disproportionate front grille design. To me, the new CX-90 looks nice until you see that ghastly front end.

The photos above show an accurate translation of the new SUVs into a sedan design. And it ends up looking like a sedan from 15 years ago with, you guessed it, an ugly huge grille. Even the new Accord and 2025 Camry have a more modern front end.

If Mazda really wanted to get back into the sedan business, they would need something that leapfrogs what Honda and Toyota currently offer. This, unfortunately, doesn’t.

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  1. The last Mazda6 had the same problem that many of the current day SUVs have. They’re too tight inside for the footprint of the car. Mazda should just raise the roof a bit and learn how to make cars feel expensive AND OPEN INSIDE. Otherwise, I’m OK with this. Make it a hybrid.

  2. Y’all have a very skewed version of reality. It looks like an AMG and I’m not mad at it. God forbid a Japanese company makes a car with euro influence but keep hating seeing as you can’t afford one

  3. Ford does NOT own Mazda.

    Ford owned 24.5% of Mazda from 1979 to 1995. (They had 7% before)
    It went up to 33.4% in 1995. Ford had sold all their shares in Mazda by 2015.

  4. Well I own a 2018 Mazda 6 Touring Edition and I was always curious to know what a New Mazda 6 would look like.. #LETSGO 😁

  5. It just needs a different front grille. Interior will be luxurious full leather. Of course it’s a Mazda, handles very nicely. Love my Mazda3 more but the 6 is almost there.

  6. I got duped on “made in Japan” on a 2014 Mazda CX9. The whole drive train is ford explorer and it sucks makes sense Mazda owned by “Ford”. It is ford under a Japanese name. Transfer case and transmission issues, brakes issues.

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