Mazda 6e Wagon.

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Mazda 6e Wagon illustration.

A few days ago we learned about a new Mazda model being trademarked called the Mazda 6e. Which most certainly means an electrified version of a new-generation Mazda 6 sedan.

Letter we even saw a possible station wagon version illustration of the new model. Today we have another illustration of what a wagon based on the upcoming Mazda 6e sedan could look like.

There was pretty much always a wagon version of the Mazda 6 except the North American market never got the last one, which is a shame. Although it probably would have been a very poor seller since the last Mazda 6 sedan was never a success over here. The masses demand a new Mazda 6 while they actually buy Camrys and Accords. I am pretty sure that no matter how nice it was, almost no one would have bought it in the US…

The wagon design in the illustration above looks pretty large. Which could actually be competing with Mazda’s current SUVs like the new CX-70. Something they might not be too crazy about. And another reason to keep the future wagon away from the eUS market.

This time around, the new Sedan and Wagon would probably be based on the new RWD/AWD platform, which could make the wagon more attractive to many, especially the AWD version.

The “e” in “6e” probably refers to the same PHEV powertrain used in the CX-70 and CX-90 in the US. And CX-60 in Europe. Since sedan and wagon body styles are more aerodynamic, the pure EV range could be much better than the 26 miles on the CX-90. Something like 35 miles could be a bit more useful.

Or it could all be wrong and the new 6e could be a true EV. Who knows.

Mazda 6e illustration.
Mazda 6e official logo.

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  1. A midsized wagon with lots of headroom and decent step in seat height without being raised and boxy like an an SUV would be refreshing.
    Its funny how many younger people are saying they love wagons but car companies refuse to make them, unless they’re abbreviated sub-compacts. What do they think SUVs really are? Its boomers and suburban moms that fuel the idea of wagon-hate.

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