Mazda 6e.

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Another day, another teaser for the upcoming Mazda 6e EV sedan

We will see the whole thing in just 3 days. And with each new teaser, we can see how close, or not, the final product will be from the car it is based on. In this case, the new Mazda will be based on the Changan SL03, a car manufactured by Mazda’s Chinese partner Changan.

Today we get a look at the front fender. Which does look rather similar to the Chinese car. The slope of the front hood and cut are very similar. Obviously, the front end will be different, and you can already tell the headlight design will be new as well.

No matter what, it’s been a while since we’ve seen an all-new Mazda sedan. And the whole thing could be quite interesting…

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  1. Well it’s Chinese, so it’s probably not going to have Mazda’s typical design language and will instead look tacky, strange, and over styled.

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