Mazda 6e?

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Mazda just dropped another teaser for their upcoming all-new EV sedan for the Chinese market.

The new sedan will be based on Changan’s SL03 model. Changan Automobile has been Mazda‘s partner in China since 2012.

It looks like the Mazda version will have a different rear end since the teaser shows different lights than the ones on the SL03. The camouflaged prototypes also had their C-pillars covered up in camouflage. This means the Mazda could look quite different from its Chinese cousin.

Mazda recently trademarked the name “6e“, which could be the name of the new Chinese-built sedan. Since there have been zero real clues of a new generation Mazda 6 coming over here. Or even a new Mazda EV sedan for the North American market. We are however supposed to see an all-new Mazda EV SUV next year.

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  1. I just don’t see this EV as being a Mazda at all, unless Mazda did something special with the suspension tuning to make it decidedly more Mazda like. Still looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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