Mazda CX-5 EV.

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Mazda CX-5 EV illustration.

Late last year, Mazda CEO Tom Donnelly mentioned the brand will have a new EV in 2025. And that it will use an existing name.

This all points to an electric version of the Mazda CX-5. The current generation came out in late 2016, which is over 7 years ago. At first, we all thought the new CX-50 would replace it, but it didn’t. Then Mazda announced new CX-60 (Europe) and CX-70 (US). These didn’t replace the good old CX-5 either. Now, these talks about a new EV using an existing name could indicate a real CX-5 replacement.

Although the CX-30 isn’t that new either, its price point would be tough for an EV. The current CX-5 is priced from $29 300 to over $40 000. A new EV model could be priced close to the VW ID. 4, starting at $39 000, which is cheaper than a base Mazda CX-5 after all incentives.

Since the upcoming (whenever that is…) CX-50 will use a Toyota Powertrain, there is also a possibility a new Mazda EV could use some of the tech from the Toyota bZ4X. This wouldn’t be such a great idea, since the Toyota has not been getting great reviews so far. And its charging speed and EV range are well below most of its competition.

The CX-5 has been Mazda’s best-selling model for 10 years, with over 153,000 of them sold last year alone. Replacing it with an EV could be quite a gamble. Although not crazier than coming up with a new 6-cylinder/RWD platform for a new SUV. Or having 2 models looking exactly the same (CX-70/CX-90).

Launching in 2025, Mazda’s new EV will come standard with a NACS plug compatible with Tesla’s vast and reliable charging network.

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  1. I hope you’re right about the CX5 being the one, and here’s also to hoping it’s a MUCH better execution than the MX-30 ever was.

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