Mazda’s EV future: new illustrations.

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These new illustrations show us a bright EV future for Mazda. A best-case scenario.

Unfortunately, a harsh reality might be settling soon. Just last November, they announced plans for their electric future scheduled to take place in 3 stages. The first isn’t electric at all as you can see. It’s basically feeding large models to the US until 2024. (after years of nothing new except the CX-50). Which means the new CX-90 and the upcoming 5-seater version, the CX-70. The second phase is basically a “getting ready for EVs” period. With maybe something around 2027. The EV shift won’t really happen until 2028.

It was pretty lame news last November and it’s even worse now. Toyota and Subaru have since announced a speedier timeline to produce more EVs. And a new platform ready by 2027. Still ahead of Mazda. That new platform will also be used by Lexus, Toyota, and Subaru. That’s a lot of competition.

Even Honda will be much earlier than Mazda. By using GM’s Ultium platform, they will have the Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX on sale next year. Their own platform will be ready a couple of years later. And they are also working with Sony on other EVs.

Mazda isn’t a big company. They sold around 295 000 cars in the US in 2022. Another smaller brand, Subaru, sold over 556 000 cars that same year. I think not offering any EVs in the next 4 or 5 years will put Mazda in a very tough spot.

The illustrations above show a smaller SUV about the size of a CX-30. Which would be an obvious choice. But also a cool-looking sedan that could compete with the Tesla Model 3, Hyundai Ioniq 6, and VW ID.7.

I hope the new CX-90 and CX-70 are popular. So Mazda can stay around until 2027. But it also seems they will have nothing new between the CX-60 coming out in a few months, and the first EV in 2027/28 at the earliest. Another 3 or 4 years of drought. Just like they had before the CX-50.

I do wish them luck…

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  1. The large four-door Mazda makes me think of the Porsche Panamera, while the smaller Mazda crossover reminds me of a Buick.

  2. Mazda is a curious brand. But if those illustrations are accurate enough, and with the steady increase of prices pitching them towards more premium players, it might need the next few years to built up their new image before they start selling Uber-expensive EVs. They may continue as a boutique maker in most markets. Hope they do better than Alfa Romeo in the future

  3. That large sedan would be a great replacement for the 6, as long as Mazda can position it correctly. Most Mazdas need! more! headroom! and to not be cramped inside while still using its new 6cyl hybrid and PHEV tech. While sedans are declining, Tesla’s Model S and particularly the Model 3 haven’t. I dont think its solely because they’re BEV. They have a modern look, their tech (which you can argue – but it drives sales), decent headroom, and are fast with an AWD option. IMO, there’s more going on than just electrics, and Mazda could find a space in that market before they launch more full BEVs.

  4. Don’t be surprised if Mazda doesn’t announce a re-calibration of their EV plans in the not too distant future. Remember, Toyota actively dismissed the whole notion of full EVs until just a month ago. Then, their CEO was replaced with one who now espouses a full EV line-up in the near future. Mazda is about 20% owned by Toyota. So, Mazda sharing Toyota’s EV platforms is quite possible. Maybe the recent Tesla/Mazda mystery mash-up is Mazda’s attempt to accelerate EV development.

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