Mazda CX-50 Hybrid.

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Remember the Mazda CX-50 Hybrid? The one Mazda had said it would be coming “soon” when the CX-50 came out in late 2021.

2 years later, the Hybrid model is finally out, in China.

We knew it was going to use Toyota Hybrid tech, which usually means Toyota electric motor and batteries. Like the upcoming Subaru Forester Hybrid, which will use Toyota tech with its own boxer engine. But according to the magazine “Drive”, the Mazda CX-50 hybrid will use everything from the Toyota RAV-4, even the engine.

I guess that would be the cheapest and quickest way for Mazda to offer a Hybrid. Except after 2 years, we’re still waiting for it…

As mentioned earlier, the Hybrid has just been unveiled for the Chinese market, where it is indeed using a Toyta engine. This also means a CVT will be part of the deal, just like with other Hybrid models from Toyota. Instead of Mazda’s 6-speed automatic. It shouldn’t be as much of a problem as it seems since CVTs work much better with a hybrid powertrain, and the ones from Toyota have been more reliable than others.

Especially the ones from Subaru.

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  1. You had me at Toyota Hybrid System, but lost me completely when you said Toyota Engine and CVT. I was really hoping Mazda would combine their own engines with Toyota hybrid tech, but guess they had other ideas. Still probably better than Honda/Acura adopting a GM EV platform however.

  2. I’m not sure its an issue having the Toyota engine/hybrid system. Not inspiring, but perhaps not a problem relative to NOT EVER having a hybrid, which is the way Mazda was going. But its a small company. Its gotta do what it can to survive. I really liked the CX-5 when I drove it, but we ended up with a Honda (mileage, packaging, color and a more local dealer won out). If the CX-50 is nearly as good a driver, I would consider this.

  3. Hybrids! FINE A LEE. Mazda also needs to get rid of that terrible torsion beam suspension from the Mazda3, reduce the bewildering number of trim levels, and have better accessories like fog lights.

  4. Toyota hybrid CVT is not same as typical belt-driven CVT in most cars paired with ICE.
    Toyota hybrid eCVT have NO BELTS, it is two planetary GEAR-sets.

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