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When we thought the Mazda CX-5 was almost dead, a new rumor mentions a next generation coming in 2025.

The current second generation came out in 2017, which means a new one could be due any day. Except Mazda came up with the new CX50 last year. The CX-50 is slightly longer and lower than the older CX-5, but somehow doesn’t really replace it. The CX-5 is also only about $700 cheaper than the much newer CX-50 which really doesn’t make any sense. Mazda will also turn the screws even more on the CX-5 with the arrival of the all-new CX-70, which is basically a shorter 5-seater version of the new CX-90.

The CX-90 starts at around $40 000, (Actually only $800 more than the old CX-9) which means the CX-70 will probably be about $34/35 000 to start and will be positioned quite a bit above the CX5 and CX50.

The magazine Drive claims Mazda is working on a third-generation CX-5 coming out around 2025. This is quite puzzling and makes you wonder why since it is about the same price as the CX-50. It seems Mazda wanted to offer something that looked a bit more off-road with the CX-50 but was afraid to actually do so. Now they basically have 2 models in the same segment. The CX-50 should have been Mazda’s Bronco Sport.

You can see how Mazda is actually not really going up the market with their new models. Newer ones like the CX-50 and CX-90 are just a few hundred dollars more than the models they replace. Although Mazda is still selling the CX-5 and CX-9.

The CX-5 is still Mazda’s most popular model with over 151 000 sold last year alone. In contrast, the CX-50 had a rough start with only around 21 000 sold. For some reason, the lower price models of the CX-50 are also listed as “Not Available” on the Mazda website. This means the actual starting price is $32 690 for the “Prefered Plus” version. (The cheapest one available)

The next-generation CX-5 is also rumored to offer Hybrid power, which is something Mazda said about the CX-50 and we haven’t seen a CX-50 hybrid yet. By 2025 or later, just offering a hybrid version might not be enough. There is still no talk about a real EV, except for that weird “Mazda future” presentation they did last year. Which basically showed how late they were.

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  1. I dont agree with looking at the starting price alone to make the assumptions that Mazda isn’t moving up-market. Take the CX-9 v. CX-90. CX-9 has one engine option and its range of pricing is $38,750 – $48,460. The CX-90 has two engine options (so far) and has a price range of $39485 – $59,950. CX-9 (almost $10k range) v. CX-90 (almost $20k). More and more of the CX-90’s will get upper trims, especially once the CX-70 is launched.

    Mazda learned the hard way with the 3 that they can’t just intro a new design and improved interior and boost the price by 30%. Now, the 3 was also a product issue for the US – it was too small for many and had really tough competition from the Civic and Hyundai/Kia. I dont think Mazda will make that same mistake again. As for the CX-5 v CX-50, that’s just Mazda wanting a tougher AWD offering to push at Jeep, while keeping the CX-5’s zoom zoom suburban mission. They’re parallel but separate tracks. And I think the next CX-5 will be optioned more like the CX-70/90 than the CX-50. After they start marching more upmarket, those lower trims will be reduced. But first, they have to get people into their dealerships.

  2. I toyally agree. I was going to check the whole price spectrum (but didn’t…)
    But I still think the CX-50 looks way too soft to compete with Jeep. A missed opportunity. Ford did it right with the Escape/Bronco Sport. The CX-50 just ends up being another invisible SUV.

  3. The CX-50 is a bomb. I live in an area where I see countless CX-5s a day, including many of the latest model year. Since the time of its introduction, I’ve only seen a handful of CX-50s in total. I own a CX-5 and wouldn’t consider the 50. There’s really nothing that makes it a better choice and I don’t know what they were thinking with it.

    Mazda would be idiots not to continue the 5 for another generation. Even in its current aging state, it is still loved by tons of people.

  4. I love that every future car literally has the same narrow slot headlights now. 🤣

  5. we don’t see many cx-50’s on the road as there have been not only supply problems for parts, but also getting new employees to work at the new US plant

  6. The CX-50 is not a global model — it’s only sold in North America and China.

    There’s a ton of room in the Mazda lineup for a new CX-5. Besides being their best seller, it’s a good halfway point between the small CX-30 and big, expensive CX-60/70.

    I would bet that the CX-5 either continues on as its own global model, or that Mazda kills the current CX-50 in 2025 and a new CX-50 is a global successor to both models.

  7. What’s the point of the CX 5 and CX 50 and CX9 amd CX90? What’s the point of two SUVs in the same segment? Kia did it right with the Telluride and EV9

  8. I hope they design a better cylinder head that doesn’t crack after 20k miles like the 2019 CX 5

  9. I just hope Mazda will be daring enough like KIA to launch a production car that looks exactly like its concept, case in point, the featured photo here for CX5

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