Mazda EZ-6.

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The new Mazda EV sedan turns out to be called “EZ-6“, and not “6e”. This could be good news since it could mean another electrified Mazda sedan is coming as well.

As previously mentioned, the new Mazda EZ-6 is so far a Chinese market model only. It is heavily based on the Changan SL03. But it is more than a new front end with redesigned rear lights.

From the photos above it seems most of the exterior panels are new on the Mazda, giving the new EV a softer look than its Chinese cousin. The profile especially has been reworked pretty heavily to make sure this does look like a proper Mazda. Which it isn’t, really.

More on the new Mazda EZ-6 very soon.

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  1. It seems to have transferred over to a Mazda design better than I expected, but I have a feeling the Changan will get better range. The front design of the SL03 looks to be more aerodynamic to my eye, and much more typical of most evs. I hope you’re right about the 6E Vince.

  2. Most EVs seem to adopt some version of the same styling direction that Buick has converted all of its non-EVs to. And they absolutely dont have to do this. To my eye, it will become a fad that passes quickly and I’m glad Mazda didn’t buy into it. On the other hand, this EZ6 could be a bit better integrated to the hard points.

  3. Another unattractive Mazda! Mazda used to make cool, eye catching vehicles, but those days appear to be over, sadly.

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