Smart 4.

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After a new Smart 1 and an even newer Smart 3, there will soon be a Smart 4.

Why not 2? Because this next one looks huge, for a Smart at least. I am not sure what a Smart 2 would look like these days, maybe a future version of the good old Smart Four Two?

This new larger model seems quite ridiculous for any car sold as a Smart. A big square SUV shape isn’t what anyone would think of as a Smart. I guess the same goes for the ever-growing Mini Countryman.

At least the new Smart 4 interior still seems original, fun, and very modern.

As you can see from the spy photo above, the upcoming Smart 4 seems much larger than the Smart 1 (in green) and its “Coupe SUV” version is called the Smart 3. It seems there could even be room for a small 3rd row.

This makes you wonder if Smart cars are now large enough to finally be successful in the US. The new Smart 1 and Smart 3 are co-production between Mercedes and Geely and are produced in China (where else…).

These are not cheap cars with a base price of around $ 28,000 in China. And starting at around $45 000 in England.

Do you think these cool-looking Smart EVs should be sold in the US?

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