2025 Bentley Continental GT.

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The Bentley Continental GT is one of these cars that always looks great. There have been 3 generations since 2003, all looking fantastic.

The current model came out in 2018, which is hard to believe. After 6 years it seems it doesn’t need anything. And yet, here we are. Bentley is now teasing a “new” Continental GT for a June 25 reveal.

Besides today’s official teaser, they have recently published a few photos of a camouflage prototype driving around. From these photos, it seems the only exterior changes will be the front end with new lights, grille, and bumper. (With a new headlight design inspired by the 2021 Bentley Bacalar.)With a new rear end as well, but this doesn’t take like a new design at all. Just like any other manufacturer, Bentley is spending most of their R&D cash on EVs these days. Their “Five in Five“‘ EV plan is still to launch one new EV every year for 5 years, starting in 2025.

The version released next week will be the sporter “Speed” trim. Which is currently powered by a 650HP V12. The 2025 model will be the first Bentley to use an all-new PHEV powertrain. This will include a Turbo V8 with a total of 771HP! With an EV-only range of 50 miles (European test cycle).

A very convenient setup for millionaires who actually venture on the track, and will use these 50 electric miles to just wander around town showing off their new $250,000 chariot to their less fortunate friends and neighbors.

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