Mercedes EQC.

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This new illustration shows what the smallest sedan from the Mercedes EQ series could look like. Probably called the EQC.

A while ago Mercedes mentioned the EQ line would eventually be merged into their regular car line and the EQ names would be phased out. I guess they’re not ready for that yet. Although a similar-sized new CLA is also coming up soon. Which is weird since it will also be available as an EV.

One of the EQS and EQE sedan’s main problems seems to be their design. Most potential buyers don’t seem to like the way they look, and I have to say that in person, none of these look like what they cost. I just saw another EQE sedan a few days ago and it really doesn’t seem more expensive than a $35,000 Honda Accord. However, the Mercedes EQE starts at over twice that much.

Of course, it probably drives great, has a much more luxurious interior, etc… But no matter how you slice it, looking like a much cheaper car is never great for a luxury brand.

The illustration above now shows a smaller EQC looking like a new Corolla or Civic. I mean really… This will probably start at over $45, 000 or more and if it looks close to this it will be another dud for Mercedes. Especially next to the production version of the new BMW Neue Klasse concept.

All I can say is” good luck”…

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