2025 Mercedes CLA.

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These great illustrations show what the production version of last year’s CLA concept (bottom pic) could look like

And, all I can say is, so far so good. The concept was an EV based on a new platform while the production model might be offered with an ICE version as well in some markets.

At the concept’s presentation, Mercedes’s chairman mentioned “The Concept CLA Class is the forerunner for an entirely new all-electric segment of entry-level vehicles at Mercedes-Benz”. We already know the sedan will be joined by a sleek wagon as well as a boxy SUV.

I am not sure what the new car will be called but I guess the name “EQA” is out. I’m also not sure if this is the same car that was caught a while ago under the name EQC, or something totally different.

Whatever they call it, the new small Mercedes EV could be a very interesting new model. Competing at least in size against the Tesla Model 3, but maybe not in price…

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  1. This looks very VW to my eyes. And Mercedes should never want that. It means, it looks cheap.

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