Mercedes CLA SUV.

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This is of course just an illustration. Showing what an SUV version of the upcoming Mercedes CLA EV could look like.

I think a design like this would be a disaster. Besides the front end, it looks too much like the current Mercedes EQE SUV. And the current EQ line isn’t selling. Mercedes is having trouble finding buyers. This is mostly due to their high price compared to the competition, but especially their uninspired lumpy design.

An EQS SUV starting at over $ 100,000 looks like a $ 30,000 car and is just no match against a Rivian 1RS or the upcoming Lucid Gravity. Using a similar design for the new CLA SUV would be a big mistake. Mercedes needs to make their cars attractive, that’s all.

The official photo above shows the CLA sedan next to its upcoming sibling. We’ve seen illustrations of the CLA wagon and now the SUV. A more rugged SUV is also in the cards.

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  1. One of the most awful designs in modern times, but since it is coming from M-B, all the usual journalists will fall over themselves pretending like it isn’t nearly as bad as it really is.

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