2025 Mercedes EQS.

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Mercedes revised the EQS EV for the 2025 model year. But, did they? Really?

All I can see from the official pictures, when compared to the original version, is just 3 chrome bars added to the fake grille. And a proper Mercedes emblem on the hood.

Inside, there seems to be zero difference.

While many people don’t like it, I kind of like the EQS. The idea of a large super roomy top-of-the-line Mercedes sedan hatchback seems like a good one to me. And an EV to boot! It has all the signs of a guilty pleasure.

However, sales have not been as good as Mercedes expected. Only 6805 were sold in the US in 2023. While the good old “ICE” Mercedes S-class found 11087 new owners in the US last year. It seems Mercedes had to do something, and all they could think of was adding 3 horizontal chrome lines to the grille. (Plus that emblem on the hood). Is that really enough? Will it really attract people who didn’t like the EQS in the first place? Will anyone say “Now that’s a Mercedes!”. No..

At least there is now a bigger battery rated at 118kWh Vs. the previous 108.4kWh. Which should a a few miles to the already excellent 353 EPA rating. Still, over 350 miles was pretty excellent and most of the refresh will just amount to the se 3 lines on the grille.

I guess this is good news for people who were already thinking of getting an EQS. While others will be very happy with getting a slightly use one still under warranty for half the price of a new one.

This makes a used EQS a fantastic used EV deal. Is the guilty pleasure finally affordable?

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  1. Wait it went from 118 kWh to 118 kWh??? So it didn’t change? You should probably fix that in your post Vince.

  2. Still has the general shape of a 2002 Dodge Intrepid… and that’s not a compliment

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