2006 Chevrolet S3X.

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This “Chevrolet” is actually a new Daewoo. Remember that Korean brand that used to be sold in the US a few years ago.

GM bought them up and now sells most of their models over here as Suzukis.

So this might end up here either as a small Chevrolet, or a Suzuki.. Who knows.

But the S3X (What a name!), is introduced at the Paris auto show this year. That’s because GM now has the weird idea of selling Chevrolet cars all over Europe.

They used to rebadge a couple of clumbsy looking Oldsmobile and sell them over ther as Chevrolets a few years ago. Of course, that went nowhere…

So now, they think re- badged Daewoos can do the trick. Good luck!

Europeans think of Chevrolet cars as huge gas guzzlers. Which they used to be. And the brand is practically unknown over there. So why bother spending billions to convice all these countries to buy Chevrolets ???

Especially when GM already owns Opel! And seems to have quite a few problems selling these already!

But that S3X seems nice enough looking to compete with the Toyota Rav4 or the Honda CRV. But wait!

By the time that little Chevy goes on sale, both the Toyota and the Honda will have been redesigned and improved.

Just when you thought GM was catching up…

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  1. Deninitely has some Infinity FX influences any pics of the interior? By the way new blog format looks great!

  2. Thanks!
    No pics of the interior yet.
    But there will be there in a few days. I’ll post them as soon as I get them.

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