2006 Hyundai Sonata

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Another case of “much better, but still not that great…”

The Sonata will finally look like it was designed in our lifetime when the all new model comes out next March as a 2006.

So now, it almost look as modern as a 2002 Camry. With a few 2002 Audi touches stuck in there, to attract a bigger audience in Europe.

Japanes cars aren’t very popular in Europe, so Hyundai figures it might be a better move to copy European designs, than Japanese ones. European designs are popular in Europe AND in the US. Good thinking …

The other news are just the usual. The base engine is a new 2.4Liter. And the V6 is also new, but has grown to 3.3 Liter and over 220 hp. Who really needs that in a mid sized familly car.

A coupe is supposed to be introduced a year later. Let’s hope it doesn’t look exactly like the previous Solara…

Same story inside. Except there, it still looks much more Japanese than European. It actually looks pretty much influenced by the current Camry.

I am sure it is a pretty good car. But Hyundais mostly sell because they are cheaper. And that might end up still being the case with this one…

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  1. European? The Sonata looks more like a glorified Taurus to me, especially the rear end. It seems like Hyundai is going retro, but not retro enough – mid-90s maybe.

  2. They’re nice in person. And in the driver’s seat. I’m waiting to see the new flagship Azera though.

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