2006 Mercedes B Class

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Give or take a few details, this is what we’ll get over here as the smallest Mercedes model.

They will by then, stop selling the cool 230 Coupe.

And they wimped out and followed JD Power’s advice of NOT selling the really cool new A class in the US. Even thought they had planned it for years.

What we’ll get is kind of an SUV type version of the A Class, the B Class.

They have almost the same interior. But the B isn’t as cool as the A. And it also is more expensive. The US B should start at around $25 000.

The car on top, next to the small B, is the new R Class.

A much larger and expensive beast…

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  1. I’ve seen several B-Classes here and they look like an A-Class with different taillights and a bit bigger. Also, the new A-Class coupe (2 door) should have come out years ago. Looks fantastic.

    Germany Doesn’t Suck

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