Citroen C4

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Another cool car we can’t get.

Citroen is own by Peugeot, and these guys distroyed their good name in the US in the 80’s by selling pretty crappy cars. Most of them used to only retain about 45% of their value after the 1st year of ownership.

And they gave up the US market. They just claimed they were making enough money everywhere else around the world.

I guess they’re right. They are still one of the largest car maker in the world, without selling a single car in America.

But that was 20 years ago. And their cars are so much better now. Citroens are finally starting to look like what they should be. Again…

Which is very modern , original and almost weird. The C4 almost looks like a concept car.

It is about the size of a Focus. With engines ranging from 90 t0 180hp! Tha’s plenty.


The coupe is even weirder looking! That’s great!

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