Criminal: The Lincoln Mark LT

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Yes. It should be against the law to take a Ford F 150 Pick -up truck, add a really huge, obnoxious and vulgar looking grille to it, and call it a Lincoln.

The interior is almost exactly the same as the Ford. They did it before a couple of years back. And is was a total failure.

So they’re doing it again!

It’s about time Lincoln relly on cars to make some money. Lately, they’ve just become the Navigator maker. That’s really sad…

Look at what they used to sell 42 years ago!

A car! A great car!

That’s what they’ve been teasing us with for the past couple of years. A great looking “Continental Concept”. But instead, 2 years later, we get the Lincoln LT Pick up truck!

What the Hell is wrong with these people. Don’t they sell enough F150s???

Are a few more trucks on the road worth destroying a legendary brand???

Let’s hope the all new Town Car, due in about a year, looks half as good as that Continental Concept.

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  1. 42 years ago people thought the Continental looked too plain and boxy, especially after all of those luscious, curvy cars of the 1950s. Maybe, the Lincoln LT needs to age, like wine and auto styling, in order to be appreciated.

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