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You are right. These are good looking cars. And we’re not getting them!

Ford thinks only Europeans deserve the all new Focus. Not us.

What they get is an all new car based on the Mazda3/Volvo S40 platform. Both of these are already great cars.

The US will get the old focus that dates back to the 90’s for at least 4 more years.

They claim they can’t make a profit in the US by selling the new, more costly one.

Look at the difference!!! And the US dashboard was just redesigned for 2005. No wonder they already have to give away a free computer with it! On top of a rebate!!!

That’s right! Even the wagon and the “boring” 4 door sedan look really good.

It is just a shame that the geniuses at Ford decided to treat their US customers like 2nd class citizens…

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  1. Well Ford owns Mazda so anyone who wants to buy an 05 euro focus can just buy a mazda3. The focus interior is fantastic, but the exterior, especially the sedan, is not as good as the Mazda3.

  2. Oh and the least ford could do is give us that three spoke sterring wheel and little chrome around the center console.

  3. You’re right about the Mazda.
    But I think the Ford is still really good looking. And Mazda doesn’t offer a 2 door.

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