2006 Citroen C6

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It took them long enough!

Citroen showed a really amazing looking concept car in 1999 called the Lignage. That was supposed to become their new “top-of-the-line” car. Here we are, in late 2004, and that car is still almost a year away!

But they’ve been showing it to “select’ dealers in Europe for over a year. And recently to a small group of journalists.

The car is pretty striking. And it is big!

But unlike large Citroen of the past, like the DS and CX, which were almost affordable to someone who just wanted a large roomy car, the C6 is rumored to start at over $45000! And it could go way up from there. Whith even a longer version coming later.

That’s a radical change. They are now positioning themselves against the German luxury cars and Jaguar. And they don’t have the reputation for it…

Even thought the C6 is one of the most modern design out there, you can see that quite a few things “went wrong” in the translation from the Lignage concept (above) and the production car.

The C6 lost that light, dreamy appearance. And became quite heavy and almost bloated looking…

Another obvious inspiration for the C6 is Citroen’s own CX from the early 70’s.

And that car still looks more modern than most other models out there now!!!

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  1. Does the the new Citroen’s carriage rise up and down like its predecessors? It almost looks too heavy to do so, unless it has a heavy-duty pneumatic system.

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